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I'm Having fun With Gmod

2009-01-27 07:37:33 by cashleycool

Lmao, My 23rd photo from Garry's Mod Lmao..
Btw. hi..
And dont vote my cs trailer, I'm remaking it

I'm Having fun With Gmod

Oh yeah? Should I or not??

2008-11-29 12:39:32 by cashleycool

Hey, I think I should make a series like odlyshapedchris does, but I'm doing stick animation with no colours, only lines, I could already imagine that.
Well, I'm starting it Next Saturday and its called "David Latsano"
Btw, the news bottom of this sentence are updated!
Hey guys,
My [MADNESS]Repploussation 3 reached around 70%
And my ending of that reached 50% <------ (WTF)
And yes, my introduction has to be delayed until my animation's finished!!
Btw, do you guys want me to start [MADNESS]Repploussation 4 after my Repploussation 3 ending is done??

Please vote to tell me too >:(
Because the vote has ended and No "M@H" lol!

Oh Ok, Bye..
(Btw, I am 5 years old xD)

Madness Repploussation Introduction!

2008-06-15 11:41:30 by cashleycool

Lookie here! Introduction yeah! Now you can find out wtf is Repploussation is!
Plus, MR3 is still on progress and its good. I also need voice actors!
Voice Actors:
Aaron- Sam_delitans
Captain- Sam_delitans
Gaurds- Sam_delitans(again)
Henry-Me (alright? Ok? Hi)
StoryTeller- Zackie(finally chat on msn,maybe or not)
Haha, yeah. Sam's talented man, yeah wanna be voice actor? Go and add me in msn if you can (!
Upcomming intro:
tpye: Madness
Voice actors: Sam_delitans,.......................
Story: Me,who else?
Questions and comments? Are welcome! What are you waiting for? Ask =D
Note: I ain't quitting no matter what or other shits. (I'm not a noob animator don't and go insult me like zeg, and This requires msn I don't any other shit ok?)
Go look at he's captain!

Madness Repploussation Introduction!

Ghetto Street 1

2008-05-10 11:40:28 by cashleycool

I made a game called "Ghetto Street" Its almost like one stickman game, and I reach frame 2000+ plus, it would be awesome! (Dun worry, mr3 won't be stopped) Intro has at least 1000+ frames, well of course..... Eyes and talkings were made myself and I tried to copy the mouth speaking from Castle 3. Well it was suscessful, it was great hahahaahhahahaha

Btw, no screenshots cause I haven't not started on the guys,symbols,effects, etc and etc.....
Stay Tuned for screenshots :3

Madness Repploussation 3 screenshot

2008-04-13 11:28:48 by cashleycool

A screenshot of my lastest project! Where Aaron's brother when in a cool killing action!
This part of the scene takes me alot of masking and stuff!
*Update* I should really put some posters there don't you think so?
*Update 10/5/08* Clip problem has been solved, thanks watzi!

Madness Repploussation 3 screenshot